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Freshwater fish species (05/07/2012)

Viet Nam has a large freshwater surface with 653,000 ha of rivers, 394,000 ha of reservoirs, 85,000 ha of coastal lagoons and 580,000 ha of paddy-fields. Besides, in the Mekong delta, there are about 1 million ha of areas flooded for 2-4 months annually which lead to the abundance and diversity of the fresh water fish species in Viet Nam.

According to scientific investigation results, there were 544 freshwater species in Viet Nam’s inland waters. Moreover, during the development of fisheries, tons of foreign fish have been introduced in to Viet Nam such as grass carp, tilapia, rohu, etc. The freshwater fisheries includes fishing and aquaculture, of which, aquaculture plays an important role in domestic food supply. However, only several tons of freshwater species have been processed for export, most importantly “tra”, “basa” catfish. Here we introduced the most popular exported freshwater species in Viet Nam.

Fishing season: Freshwater fish are captured all year around, however, the fishing seasons can be classified into two main ones: spring – summer season (from February to August), and autumn – winter season (from September to February).

Fishing gears: Freshwater fishes are captured by various fishing gears such as nets, lift net, scoop net, seine, set net, falling net, hook and line, cast net, Fish Accumulated Device (FAD), etc.

Freshwater fish culture: Presently, freshwater fish culture is developing widespread in the country, not only in the delta and coastal areas, but also in mountainous areas in response to both domestic food supply and export demand.

Farming season: All year around

Fish farming for export is most robust in the Mekong delta with large-scale models. 

Farming models: Extensive or improved-extensive culture in ponds, lakes, rivers, low-lying paddy-field; Intensive/semi-intensive or industrial culture in cages, underground ponds and reservoirs. Pen and “sand bar” culture are also developing.

Exports: Freshwater fish of Viet Nam are exported to nearly 50 markets in the world. Its annual export value accounts for about 50-60% of the total frozen fish export. 

Exported products: whole, steaks, fresh frozen fillet, ready to cook, dried, canned and ready-to-eat.

Some major freshwater fish species in Viet Nam exported


Vietnamese name

Common name

Scientific name


Cá Basa

Yellowtail catfish

Pangasius bocourti


Cá tra

Shutchi catfish

Pangasianodon hypophythalmus


Cá lóc


Ophiocephalus striatus


Cá rô đồng

Common climbing perch

Anabas testudineus


Cá rô phi




Cá thát lác

Brronze featherback

Notopterus notopterus


Cá trê




Cá chình

Japanese eel

Anguilla japonica


Cá bống

Ganetic tank goby

Glossogobius giuris



Swamp eel

Fluta alba



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