Technical training on aquaculture for 50 households in Thai Nguyen province (09-05-2019)

On May 9, Sub – Department of Fisheries (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thai Nguyen province) cooperated with Pho Yen Town to organize technical training on aquaculture to ensure food safety for 50 aquaculture households in communes of Tan Phu, Dong Cao, and Trung Thanh.
Technical training on aquaculture for 50 households in Thai Nguyen province

At the training class, the households have been disseminated the techniques to improve the pond and select suitable aquatic breeds; commercial fish farming techniques ensuring food safety, stocking density and ways to take care and harvest fish. Moreover, participants also were guided on how to recognize and prevent common diseases in some types of aquatic animals such as infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, viral hemorrhagic diseases, etc. Along with that, households can learn scientific applications study techniques to improve productivity and quality in aquaculture.

Through the training course, the households have a good understanding of basic aquaculture techniques, thereby improving their knowledge and application of science and technology in accordance with the actual conditions of each region and each household to bring economic efficiency in aquaculture.

Huong Tra

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