Vinh Long province: Taking advantage in cage farming culture (13-05-2019)

In early 2019, it is reported that Vinh Long province has more than 1,700 cages / rafts for aquaculture, with a total farming volume of about 367,595 cubic meter. Vinh Long city and Long Ho district are two places that have highest number of farming cages/rafts compared to other farming places in this province.
Vinh Long province: Taking advantage in cage farming culture

According to Vinh Long Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, there are over 1,700 cages/rafts for aquaculture currently, with a total farming volume of 367,595 cubic meter. The number of cages / rafts for aquaculture in the province has increased 358 units compared to theses at the same period in 2018. The current farming target species are red tilapia, black tilapia, fresh water white pomfret, Banded mystus, Pangas catfish, giant barb, grass carp, carp, etc.

In the recent years, the environment often changes, especially when the flood comes, the water level goes up, etc that affect efficiency of production. According to households of cages/rafts farming in Vinh Long, aquaculture has faced many disadvantages, such as a shortage of fish seed sources and frequent change of environmental factors. The environmental factors often fluctuate due to the hot season, the high difference in temperature between day and night, occurrence of fish disease such as hemorrhage, eye swelling, parasites that affect to efficiency of production.

In order to solve the above difficulties, Vinh Long authority units has sent technical staff to the aquaculture cages / rafts to check and guide farmers to release. Vinh Long Sub-Department of Fisheries has also recommended that fish farmers should choose large, healthy seeds to reduce losses. At the same time, it is good to carry out the mooring and anchoring stage, regularly check the anchor lines to take initiative in preventing and avoiding damage caused by abnormal weather.

In addition, Vinh Long Sub-Department of Fisheries has also strengthened propaganda, advocacy and guidance for farmers to absolutely not use banned antibiotics in production to ensure food safety of the product quality. Continuing to guide farming establishments to carry out procedures for registering vehicles according to regulations, while committing not to use banned substances in aquaculture. Furthermore, the authority units in Vinh Long regularly monitors and updates the flood situation, promptly notifies farmers to check the anchoring of cages and rafts to actively prevent and avoid damage; At the same time, farmers have also diversified farming objects to avoid consumption risks.

Huyen Anh

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