Sam Son City applies science and technology to aquaculture (21-06-2019)

In order to improve productivity and economic value on each unit of aquaculture area, Sam Son city has promoted propaganda and mobilized people to respond positively in the past time. Applying science and technology into farming initially brought positive results.
Sam Son City applies science and technology to aquaculture

After many years of working with the sea, Mr. Nguyen Si Ke returned. He borrowed money to build a grouper farming model in Quang Cu ward. Sharing with us about the farming process, Mr. Ke said: “The choice of grouper farming is considered a reckless decision of my family, because this type of fish takes much time to care and it only develops well in saltwater environment; need to monitor daily to adjust salinity, temperature, pH, etc to not affect the growth process of fish. Besides that, the applying of science and technology to grouper farming also takes a lot of time and cost. According to Mr. Ke, the pond must be renovated to reach a depth of about 2.5m. On an area of ​​nearly 2 hectares, he installed a gas trough system, two troughs with stainless steel mesh to keep fish. At the top of the chute, a compressed air blower system is installed, creating a one-way continuous flow along the length of the chute and a Jacuzzi system to regulate oxygen in the pond. This system helps him not to change water, to avoid the spread of pathogens. Besides that, he invested in building a cement tank to breed fingerlings before releasing them to ponds to get used to the water environment. The total investment cost of applying science and technology for this model is about 1 billion VND. In the raising process, the care is carried out in accordance with the process; the food is used entirely by fresh fish, without using antibiotics. Therefore, the adoption rate is over 75%. Recently, the number of fish that has reached the standard of weight and quality has been harvested by him, the output is more than 1 ton, and the revenue reaches more than 300 million VND.

According to Mr. Bui Ngoc Thanh, Head of Economic Division, Sam Son City People's Committee, the area of ​​aquaculture is over 120 ha and mainly in Quang Tho, Quang Chau and Quang Cu wards. Fishery adopted mainly shrimp, crab, sea bass, etc. Recently, facing with the weather and the environment has more unfavorable changes, the introduction of applying science and technology into aquaculture should be widely deployed. Some typical applications are mainly such as: Using biological preparations to help improve the farming environment and create natural food sources, contributing to the reuse of nutrients from waste and restricting the use of environmental medicines and chemicals. Besides, investing in technology of water blower in the ponds to increase the oxygen content in the pond, helping to stabilize the animals due to the supply of dissolved oxygen in the pond; types of filter troughs, pneumatic truss systems. At the same time, the application of science and technology to aquaculture for mixed farming models has improved the economic value on each area unit and cleaned the water environment. The application of science and technology has changing people's traditional production habits. The models with applying of science and technologies have increased economic efficiency for farmers about 30% compared to conventional farming methods. However, the majority of farming households are small scale, the production linkage is not high, so the application of science and technology is still difficult.

In the coming time, to develop aquaculture in a sustainable way, beside of investment in infrastructure construction, people need to select appropriate investment in science and technology, improve the level of understanding of environmental treatment, choose varieties to ensure quality, care regime, epidemics, etc. Currently, the city is continuing to mobilize people with farming areas to establish aquaculture cooperatives, and at the same time strengthen training and transfer. Science and technology, building farming process towards VietGAP.

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