Ca Mau: Calling on fishermen to not violate foreign waters (09-05-2018)

On May 4, Song Doc Border Station (Ca Mau province’s Border Command) coordinated with Department of Fisheries (Ca Mau Department of Agriculture and Rural Development), Ca Mau Gas Company organized propaganda for over 100 ship-owners and captains who are engaged in capture fisheries on the sea. Participants were called on committing not to violate foreign water areas and participating in the protection of marine gas works.
Ca Mau: Calling on fishermen to not violate foreign waters

At the propaganda, fishermen were trained on the provisions of law related to fishing and marine exploitation; provisions on administrative sanctions for violations in marine capture activities. A number of legal documents related to sovereignty of Vietnamese sea and islands were distributed to participants. Moreover, they were also propagated on responsibilities and obligations of people towards the sea, islands and marine resources of the country, including gas pipeline works through the Ca Mau sea area. The propaganda was aimed to call on ship-owners and captains to firmly understand the contents of the country’s laws and regulations in capturing on the sea and to raise the fishermen’s responsibility to protect the sovereignty of the sea and islands of Viet Nam, while avoiding violating the law when fishing on the sea.

Hương Trà

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