To strictly implement regulations on fishing and traceability of fishery (26-07-2018)

This is the Prime Minister's direction in the resolution of the Government's meeting with localities and regular meeting in June, 2018.
To strictly implement regulations on fishing and traceability of fishery

At the meeting, the Government requested the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the State Bank to closely monitor developments in the world and domestic economy, to have appropriate solutions in time,; To closely coordinate and flexibly govern the implementation of policy instruments, ensuring macro-economic stability and controlling inflation and supporting growth.

The ministries, sectors and localities closely monitor the situation of production and business as well as the growth of the sectors, fields and products under their management and take the initiative in managing, ensuring the growth targets; At the same time, to review and identify new growth drivers in the coming time.

In the field of agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development should direct the transformation of crop structure, products in line with market advantages and needs, adaptation to climate change, monitoring pests and diseases in plants, animals, controlling pests and diseases in time for infection prevention. At the same time, to promote fishing in remote and deep water areas; Resolve and strictly enforce the regulations on fishing and traceability of fisheries.

At the same time, to deploy the operation plan, ensuring the safety of dams and reservoirs in the rainy season; to coordinate with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to closely monitor the weather, to have proactively a plan for natural disaster prevention, warning of floods and landslides. In addition, to sum up the losses, propose and implement measures to support people to stabilize their life and restore production in the northern mountainous provinces and Mekong river delta.

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