Total production of fisheries in the first 7 months increased by 1,5% (01-09-2020)

According to the Directorate of Fisheries, total production of fisheries in July of 2020 attained 783 thousand MT, which increased by 1,5% in comparison to the same period of 2019. Total production of capture fisheries was 345 thousand MT tons, while the aquaculture production was 438 thousand MT. Accumulated from the beginning of 2020, the total production was estimated to be nearly 4,647 thousand MT, which was 1,5% higher than that in the same period of the last year and reached 54,3% of the 2020 plan. The data of total production from capturing has shown the positive trend of 2,232 thousand MT, while the aquaculture production was 2,415 thousand tons. 
Total production of fisheries in the first 7 months increased by 1,5%

Based on the data of the General Department of Customs, the value of fisheries export in the first half of 2020 July was USD 356 million. The accumulated value of export achieved 39,6% the 2020 plan (USD 10 billion) with the turnover of nearly USD 4 billion, which was 99.8% match with the last year amount of export.

          The area of culturing brackish-water shrimp until 20 Junly2020 was estimated to be 674,709 ha, which was equal to 95,1% of the area of the last year. Of which, The area for culturing black tiger shrimp was 610,681 ha (98,5% of the same period in 2019) and 62,699 ha for white shrimp (87,3% of the same period in 2019). 

Until 20/07/2020  The total production of cultured brackish-water shrimp was 421 thousand tons, which was developed 5,8% than that in the same period of 2019. The total production was included the estimation of 156 thousand tons of black tiger shrimp (equivalent to 101% of the same period of the last year) and 265 thousand tons of white shrimp, increased by 8,9% in compassion to the similar duration of 2019.

Total area of culturing Pangasius to July of 2020 was 4,616 ha, which was equal to 95,3% of the same time in 2019. The harvested area attained 1,788 ha, which is similar to 82,66% with the same duration of the previous year. The total production in the first seven months of the year 2020 was estimated at 725,5 thousand tons, which was equal to 89,7% of the amount of the previous year. The price of commercial Pangasius was in the range of VND 17,200 to VND 18,200 per kilogram.

For marine capture fisheries, during the South fishing season ò 2020, fishermen have gone on catching pelagic fish by using falling net, hand line and gillnet in the main fishing grounds from the Central sea area of Vietnam to Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelago. The sea weather has been forecasted to be regular, very supportive for marine fishing. With lower price of fuel, fishermen have tried to make an effort to go on fishing in all fishing grounds as possible.

The price of seafood products (except tuna) was increased and recovered after the successful controlling Covid-19 by the Government in Viet Nam. The Government has focused on making the action of gaining more demands of domestic travelling, especially sea travel attractive to many tourists. Consequently, consumption of marine fish and fish products have been promoted that led to make an increase in positive productivity of fishermen.

In management of aquaculture, the Directorate of Fisheries has cooperated with the Research Institutes of Aquaculture No I, II and III to monitor and warn the current situation of the environment of the culturing areas and send reports to the local manager and farmers. Training of using some database software for environmental monitoring, for breeds, aquatic feeds and aqua environmental remediation products. the Directorate of Fisheries organized missions to inspect the enforcement of Fisheries Laws 2017 in all fields of marine capture fisheries in the provinces of Nam Dinh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, etc.

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